Since Darwin released The Origin of Species, countless like-thinking scientists have been scrambling to dig up our supposed ancestors. What has been left in this dusty trail of dug up bones over the last 100 years has been a calamity of misadventure, fraught with overactive imaginations and downright buffoonery! From Java Man to Piltdown Man to Neanderthal Man, to Ramapithecus, FlipperPithecus and Mr. EdPithicus, the story of misinterpreted data continues to roll on and on1. The famous British anatomist and evolutionist Solly Zuckerman once wrote that it is doubtful whether there is any science at all in the search for man's fossil ancestory2. "Doubtful" was certainly an understatement!

Perhaps the grandest bit of drollery provided from our fine scientific community comes from a discovery  in the heartlands of America that unearthed the story of Nebraska Man.   

1. What, you ask, is FlipperPithecus? This is what the evolutionist Tim White jokingly designated the dolphin fossil that a peer had misinterpreted as the rib of a supposed human ancestor in 1983. Brings back old memories of that Don Knotts movie "I Wish I Were A Fish".

Mr. EdPithicus is what I dub the find in Spain in 1984 of skull fragments that several scientists hailed as the oldest human fossil found. It was later discovered that it was probably the skull of a donkey!

Here are several excellent sites that provide more detailed information on the various purported ape-men and their Achilles' heels:

The Scientific Evidence For the Origin of Man
Origin of Man: Monkeying with Science
Fossil Man, Separating People from Apes

2. Solly Zuckerman, Beyond the Ivory Tower, pg. 64.


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