Recommended Resources:

 Creation Research Society Online Bookstore - The best bookstore for creation materials on the web. OK, I designed it so I am biased!

Links to some very good Creation web sites:

 Creation Research Society - Professional organization of scientists since 1963. Publishes quarterly peer-reviewed journal and bi-monthly newsletter.
 Creation Ministries International - An excellent online resource. I highly recommend Creation Magazine!
 Answers In Genesis - Up-to-date news, plus tons of material. Pubishes Answers Magazine, which I rate just below Creation Magazine.
 Institute for Creation Research - Virtually all 'Impact' articles available online.
 The True.Origin Archive - An intellectually honest alternative to the “Talk.Origins” Archive.
 The Darwin Papers - Must-read articles include "The Untold Story of Charles Darwin".
 Creation Science - A very good website put together by a bunch of engineers (my first encounter with creation evidence on the web)
 Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship - Local Creation group. Excellent lineup of speakers monthly.
 Center for Scientific Creation - Dr. Walt Brown's website and his entire book online.  His book provides great reference material.
 The Revolution Against Evolution - TV show, seminars, recent essays, and much more.
 Creation Science Evangelism - The organization started by Dr. Kent Hovind.
 Pathlights - Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, Bible Studies, Pro-Life articles.
  Darwin/Hitler test - This is a classic!
  Access Research Network - Primary focus is the Intelligent Design movement, regularly updated with new articles.
  Atheist Test - I love this site. Humorous and relevant all for the price of one.
  Was Darwin Right? - Dr Luke Randall's easy to navigate site provides solid, well articulated arguments.

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