They fly in a V-formation!

Researchers showed in a 1970 study published in Science magazine that a flock of 25 birds in a V-formation can fly 70 percent farther than a single bird using the same amount of energy1. This more than compensates for the 500 mile shortfall of flying solo or out of formation. Flying in the V-formation provides the Golden Plovers an additional 1400 miles of flying range!

Since the lead position at the apex of the formation draws the brunt of the work, the birds share turns at the apex. Flying gets progressively easier the farther back you go in the formation, thus allowing accommodation for the weaker birds.

How can the evolutionist desperate for naturalistic explanations possibly account for the necessity of flying in a V-formation? This strategy must be well known and in place ahead of time before flying off to some far-away place, particularly a land destination as remote and precise as Hawaii. Making matters worse for the conjuring evolutionist is the fact that the parents leave well before their young, so the V-formation strategy is not taught to them but must have instead been pre-programmed in the Golden Plover's brain from the beginning. Moreover, there would be no selection pressure to migrate due to food shortages since there is plenty to eat in Alaska, nor would selection pressure due to the climate be an acceptable explanation because the birds leave long before winter sets in.

Finally, how does the evolutionist explain the amazingly precise flight plan that governs migratory animals over great distances? For example, the Monarch butterfly will migrate 3000 miles often to the same tree of their forefathers!2

So in the end the evolutionists would want us to believe that the complex information required by the Golden Plovers to know how much to eat, how fast to fly, precisely where to fly to, and how to make the best use of its energy supply (via the V-formation), all came about by random mutation and blind selection! But common sense, and Information Theory, demands that this is impossible3. This complex cache of information programmed into the Golden Plovers could have only been established from the beginning by an Intelligent Source (aka The Creator).

Migration is yet another powerful example in a virtually endless list of examples from nature that provides overwhelming testimony of Creative Design. To believe it is the result of naturalistic process is to believe, as we say here, in a fairy tale!

Job 39:26 Does the hawk fly by your wisdom, And spread its wings toward the south?

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3. A fundamental truth from information theory is that complex information, particularly coded information such as DNA, cannot come into existence outside the presence of already-existing information, or an Information Giver.  Information Scientist Dr. Werner Gitt, who heads the Department of Information Technology at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, has proposed several new universal laws of science, including the following:  1) It is impossible to have information without a sender. 2) It is impossible that information can originate in statistical processes. These fundamental truths of information have been observed countless times over without a single violation. For more information, see In the Beginning was Information, Gitt, Werner, 1997. A good online discussion of the information problem for evolutionists can be found at True.Origins.

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