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Yet another evolutionist fantasy that just won't fly!

The whole idea that an arm could evolve into a wing is patently absurd, since the arm would become completely useless and a hindrance long before it could possibly become a functional wing. Even the leading evolutionist Stephen J. Gould recognizes evolution by gradual changes (neo-Darwinism) as a pipe-dream: "Of what possible use are the imperfect incipient stages of useful structures? What good is half a jaw or half a wing?"1


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1. Stephen Jay Gould, "The Return of Hopeful Monsters", Natural History, Vol 86, June-July 1977, pg 23.
Gould substitutes the fairy tale of neo-Darwinism with his own fairy tale, which he calls punctuated equilibrium - evolution in rapid bursts in isolated populations. Gould does this to accommodate 1) the half-a-wing problem, 2) the utter lack of transitional fossils in the fossil record, and most importantly 3) his atheistic world view. It is apropos that the evidence for Gould's fairy tale of punctuated equilibrium appears to be based on lack of evidence (in the fossil record)!


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