bullet.gif (941 bytes)"Does Information Science Prove Creation"? A debate with atheist Mike Hager, Spring 2004
Debate on the scientific method and whether or not information science proves creation. My opponent unwittingly proved my point with a single statement regarding information! Otherwise the debate was a classic duck and run from the evidence, particularly the dodging of two tough and important questions that my opponent never once attempted to address.

bullet.gif (941 bytes)Informal debate on "Haldane's Dilemma" with biologist Dr. Scott Page, Winter 2002
This was a semi-technical debate that exposed Dr. Page's circular reasoning in his attempt to dismiss "Haldane's Dilemma". As an added bonus, ironically and unwittingly during the debate Dr. Page provided a reference that exacerbated the huge mutation rate problem (an auxiliary of Haldane's Dilemma) that strongly argues against apes & man sharing a common ancestor.

bullet.gif (941 bytes)Creation vs Evolution debate with Ian Wood (Budikka), Winter 2000
A general debate that covered most of the major topics in the creation/evolution debate.


bullet.gif (941 bytes)Walter Remine Vs Dave Thomas Debate Winter 2003
Topic: "Comparisons of molecules (proteins, DNA) of various species provide independent and compelling support for the hypothesis of biological macro-evolution." Dave Thomas argued the affirmative, Walter Remine the negative.


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