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Howdy, my name is Fred Williams, author of this web site you have stumbled upon. I live in Broomfield, Colorado, with my lovely wife Sandy of 16 years, and two beautiful children (Ryan and Abigail).

I became interested in the creation/evolution debate in 1996, after a brief discussion at work with a friend and fellow engineer who confidently told me that evolution was a proven fact. Though I believed he was probably exaggerating, I was convinced there must be at least some evidence for the theory. Since I was unable to offer any rebuttal to his claims, I began researching the evidence for myself. This research eventually led me to the inescapable conclusion that there really is no tangible scientific evidence for molecules-to-man evolution! Considering how dogmatic my friend was, and how evolution has been so vigorously pushed in the public schools, on TV, in museums, at the zoo, etc, I truly was surprised to find that evolution was in reality utterly void of any credible evidence. The theory has been propped up entirely on just-so stories and illusionary devices.

The primary area of expertise that I bring to the creation/evolution debate is via information science. I have designed communications-rich systems in one form or another over the last 23+ years. It was this knowledge and experience that eventually led me to the conclusion that Neo-Darwinism was not merely improbable, but impossible. Neo-Darwinism posits the gradual accumulation of information over time, via random mutation guided and pruned by a blind selection process. I have found, and in fact information science confirms, that complex information, such as a code, cannot arise under any circumstances outside the presence of already-existing information, or more specifically, outside the presence of intelligence. In all of history no one has ever produced a single empirical example to controvert this. It should be recognized as an unswerving law of nature that it is impossible for complex information to arise naturalistically.

In 1983 I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, with emphasis in digital design and a minor in mathematics. I began my career at Cencorp in Boulder, Colorado, where I designed hardware and software for an automated PC board-cutting machine. The machine implemented 6 inter-dependent processors and closed-lock loop servo control. After a year, I left for Engineering Measurements Company in Longmont Colorado, where I was the lead designer of intelligent coordination and configuration software for traffic light controllers (donít blame me if all lights go green in both directions!).

After a year at EMCO, I moved on to McDATA Corporation in Broomfield, Colorado, where I spent the next 21 and a half years up until McDATA's last day in January 2007. After spending a couple years as a diagnostics engineer, I transferred to the channel extension group where I designed bit-slice software to "spoof" remote, high-speed devices. Upon completion of this project, I became the sole software developer for the ESCON Repeater, a multi-port product that "repeats" ESCON signals over extended distances. I then became the primary software developer of the multi-port Sysplex Timer, a machine commonly configured with an identical peer unit for redundancy, that sends precise timing signals to IBM mainframes at a required accuracy of less than 1us between the peer units. My responsibilities included software management of the phase-lock coordination of 4 oscillators at distances up to 28 Kilometers between the peer units, a proprietary protocol between the peer units requiring optimum information throughput, and timing signal management to the IBM-attached host machines. I subsequently became the lead engineer for the High Availability software of the redundant main processor boards of all our Fibre Channel Director class products. After several years as the project lead for firmware releases of our Fibre Channel Switch and Director products, I spent my last year with McDATA as a Firmware Engineering manager. In 2008 I joined Echostar Corporation and help design software for their set-top boxes.

I spend a good deal of my personal time in creation ministry. I am currently the webmaster of the Creation Research Society, an organization of scientists and interested laypersons that is the oldest creation organization in the U.S. (originating in 1963). I am also a speaker for the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship. I regularly give presentations on creation/evolution to schools & churches, have appeared on the Gino Geraci radio program, and regularly appear on Bob Enyart Live's Real Science Friday program (AM 670, 3:00pm). All my shows are archived at www.kgov.com, or you can listen to them on my Speaker page. I have also had several articles appear in the popular online magazine Creation Digest. I also spend my free time writing music, and have a CD, Lighthouse Dawn, that was released in January 2005.

For a list of my theological beliefs, please visit this page. I hope you find my web site entertaining, informative, and provocative. Feel free to with any questions, suggestions, or criticisms. If you are interested in me speaking to your organization, please visit my Speaker Page for a list of presentations and further contact information. This page also lists my current speaking schedule.

Fred Williams


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