Following is an informal debate with Dr Scott Page that began from a guestbook entry Dr Page made on January 23, 2002. Dr Page, an assistant professor of biology at Norwich University, cited two science journal studies that he believes lend support to the hypothesis that humans and simians share a common ancestor, and in particular counter "Haldane's Dilemma".  He has also posted this claim on several internet discussion boards. My dispute with Page is that the first paper he cites cannot be offered as evidence against "Haldane's Dilemma" because of circular logic, and that the second paper he cites is misleading in its pretense that it supports evolution. Ironically, the first paper Page cited actually strengthens the creationist argument against human/ape shared ancestry.

Page's Guestbook entry (posted Jan 23, 2002)

My first rebuttal (Feb 10, 2002)

Page's 1st response (Feb 19, 2002; Dr Page's personal debate page contains an update)

My second rebuttal (Feb 25, 2002)

Page's 2nd response (May 2, 2002 ? )

My third rebuttal and conclusion (June 30)


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