Does Information Science Prove Creation?
(March 2004)

Following is a debate that occurred in my guestbook in the Spring of 2004. The debate was with atheist , who began posting in the guestbook in December 2003. Some 4 months and 27 posts later Mike had not even once defended evolution despite numerous requests to do so. Most of his 27 posts were spent calling creationists "feeble-minded" and telling them to "go learn". He was then warned in March that the guestbook is not his personal soapbox and that his guestbook privileges would be removed unless he started participating in sincere discussion. He challenged me to debate creationism, for which I accepted. The pages below were taken directly from the guestbook.

Note that Mike's arguments during the debate are not uncommon among evolutionists. It clearly shows that arguing against creation or defending evolution is a hopeless cause, for if it were not then such diversionary tactics such as Mike employed would not be necessary. Does evolutionism rest on a house of sand? You decide!

The debate




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