Creation/Evolution Debate
Winter, 2000


This debate is the result of a challenge issued in my guest book on Jan 24 by an evolutionist by the name of Budikka. I wasted no time in accepting his challenge! After a few email exchanges, we established a criteria for our debate. We will each submit three posts. He will begin with an opening argument, and I will follow with my own opening argument. He will then follow up with a rebuttal, then I will follow with a rebuttal. Finally, he will submit a follow-up rebuttal and closing argument, followed by my last rebuttal and closing argument. We both agreed to try to keep posts under 30K, and we did not put time limitations in responding, though we both agreed to try to submit our posts in a reasonable timeframe.

Budikka Post #1: Opening Argument for Evolution (posted 02/06/2000)

Williams Post #1:  Opening Argument for Creation  (02/14/2000)

Budikka Post #2:  Rebuttal  (02/27/2000)

Williams Post #2:  Rebuttal  (03/12/2000)

Budikka Post #3: Rebuttal & Closing Argument  (04/16/2000)

Williams Post #3: Rebuttal & Closing Argument  (05/12/2000)



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