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>From: James Bollinger [mailto:optional@baptistmail.com]
>Sent: Friday, January 25, 2002 2:59 PM
>To: fredw@usa.com
>Subject: RE: OCW stuff
>Hi Fred,
>My baptistmail acct. keeps timing out, so I set this one back up.
>I got your email. I discussed things with Samuel. Since he is not
>interested in being any part of OCW and since I found out he and I
>are the only ones who have contributed any monetary support. I
>feel OCW is not and never will be motivated to move forward.
>With that in mind, I have decided to keep the creationweb.org
>domain and web space. I will attach all the files related to the OCW
>web site and if you or someone does decide to continue, I will
>gladly publicize your new location.
>However, from past continual nudgings by myself and Samuel, I
>feel you are probably the Lone Ranger. Samuel said noone has
>replied to you so far. I know that feeling well. :)
>I want to thank you for the time you invested. I know it's not cheap.
>In Christ,
>James Bollinger
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