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>From: James Bollinger [mailto:optional@baptistmail.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 7:56 AM
>To: fredw@usa.com; fredw@mcdata.com; sbollinger@worldnet.att.net
>Subject: OCW stuff
>I briefly discussed this with Samuel before he left town.
>The OCW web space is about to exceed it's transfer limit. This
>means my credit card gets billed for the extra transfer. Also, I
>have paid a year in advance on the hosting (120.00). There are
>some other assorted fees, but no big deal.
>I told Samuel and I will tell you. I may have to shut down the
>message board until an agreement is reached on an equitable pay
>back for me.
>Samuel said flippantly that he didn't care enough about the
>message board to pay a dime for it and if it was going to cost
>money to just forget it.
>I expect from past experience the rest of the members will feel
>the same way.
>Everything is in my name, so I'll give you a few days to discuss
>it with appropriate people and let me know about a payback. If
>noone is interested, then I will take possession of domain name
>(creationweb.org) which I have paid 2 years in advance (35.00) and
>web space.
>If OCW wants to continue, then they can pay me or move to a free
>site or whatever. I feel I do not have a right to the name (OCW)
>and if I take possession of site, I will remove all references of
>it from web space.
>James Bollinger