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Howdy back.
These are excellent suggestions, Fred. I especially like the anonymous bit. A person could keep their current username for posting, but I could create a generic mod name for editing, deleting, moving posts, etc.
Also, the board rules addition is excellent.
I will now try to enlist some others in this endeavor. We will need several just to stay on top of it.
I'll get back with you soon.

On 6 Jan 2002, at 20:40, Fred Williams wrote:

Howdy James,  I've been thinking about your suggestion and other ways to improve the board. One idea that came to my head to bounce off you is that we don't add the new forum that I had suggested, but go with the current format with three moderators. I also think the best way for me to be involved as a moderator is anonymous, for obvious reasons!In fact this is what many boards do. If you like this idea of me co-moderating anonymously, I don't know how we would present it under each forum. Possibilities would be 'OCW Moderators', 'Moderated by Optional and anonymous moderator', etc. Another advantage of multiple moderators is that if any of us post, the other moderators could keep us in line as well.
Also, the multiple-moderator scenario is the best fit for me, because, to be completely honest with you, I have several other ministries and don't want to add much more to my plate.
One other suggestion would be to incorporate the guidelines I sent you. I ran them past Walter, and he offered some good feedback which I incorporated into the updated version below. The biggest change was to remove the reference to Gish & Kurt Wise, and to remove the "moderator" note at the end. The big plus about the guidelines below is that they would weed out 90% of Huxter's posts. Once his abuse reaches some threshold, we can say bye-bye to him, justas several other boards have already done.  Let me know what you think.
Fred PS. I'll definitely stay clear of the board for a while as you requested. I see Huxter has posted more nonsense today, now its about Jep. ---
GUIDELINES FOR THIS FORUM:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
This moderated forum fosters scientific dialog on creation-evolution, intended to be useful for visitors and searchers, as well as participants. That is the spirit of all the following guidelines.
Content must be scientific in nature, specific, and mature. Compact, well-stated posts are preferred. Content should also be consistent with its chosen subject header. Participants are encouraged to also use private e-mail concerning minor points, non-science, off-topic, or personal matters.  Good headers: "Epistasis"; "Black Holes" Bad headers: "YOOOOHOOOOO! Creationists!"; "Evo-babbler Bonehead Post of the month
The following is disallowed:
Clear cases of misrepresentation, quoting out of context, or unsubstantiated hearsay.
Ad hominem attacks -- discussions about someone's credentials or character are disallowed unless the exchange necessitates a clear need to point out a problem with a source of the information. Such exceptions shall be few and brief.
Pointless chatter -- though there is some leeway for occasional friendly banter or brief humor in good taste.
Nagging or complaints that an opponent is not responding -- We are all busy, and there is no requirement to respond.
Needless repetition.
Trolling -- questions or arguments that are insincere or for creating a spectacle. While posting under a pseudonym is allowed, it makes you more likely to be taken for a troll, so weigh this into your behavior.
In general, the moderator will not be a line-item editor. If a post violates the above guidelines, it will be removed.