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>Hi Fred.
>I have started a new forum for yecs only nad would like for you to
>moderate it. Also, I would be happy to create any new
>category/forum you would like.
>I have gotten really sick of wading through the posts as they have
>gotten worse and worse. The new forum is for discussion without
>evolutionist harrassment. I have had it in the general forum in a
>big way and from now on will be more heavy-handed with the moderation.
>Please dont post there for a few days as I will be deleting huxter
>with the next bit of rudeness and I dont want you involved in any way.
>After doing some house-cleaning, I would ask that you help
>moderate this forum also. Maybe with 3 of us watching it we can
>keep it civil and clean.
>Think about it.
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