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>From: Fred Williams [mailto:fredw@usa.com]
>Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2002 1:14 PM
>To: Trebla Sumac
>Subject: RE: deletions and edits
>Howdy Steve,
>One of the things I can do as Admin is view the logs to see which
>post was deleted or edited, and by which Moderator, but it doesn't
>show me specifically what was removed (if it does I haven't
>figured out how to do it). I trust moderator 3 and will have to go
>by his judgment. I also noticed that 6 posts were deleted
>Wednesday, & 7 Thursday, by Moderator 3 (please don't divulge
>this). That doesn't seem like a "large" number in proportion to
>the total number of posts.
>Another thing I notice in the logs is that several of those
>deletions occurred against creationistalltheway (who has
>complained) and a couple against John Paul (who didn't complain,
>at least as far as I know). Again, I can't comment on what was
>specifically removed, so I would recommend contacting Mod 3 since
>you feel pretty strong about something of yours that was removed.
>One last thing. I'm going through the membership and am
>re-enabling edit privileges for members in good standing. This is
>a decent role for me to help Samuel with, since I feel I have a
>good familiarity with the regulars and their level of
>trustworthiness (all new members will not have editting privileges
>until their maturity/trustworthiness can be determined). I
>definitely recognize that you are a member in good standing and
>will re-enable your edit privileges (to be honest, I don't know
>who violated this that prompted Samuel to turn it off).
>I'm not going to post this to the board because I don't want a
>debate in that section.
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>>From: Trebla Sumac [mailto:tsumac@yahoo.com]
>>Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2002 10:44 AM
>>To: fredw@usa.com
>>Subject: deletions and edits
>>I can understand wanting to keep the discussions on a
>>civil level. However, a large number of posts have
>>been deleted and editted to remove valid information
>>and polite opinion. These posts were not "noise". They
>>were respectable counterpoints in an ongoing debate.
>>The deletions and edits were nothing short of
>>censorship. If that is the way you want to run the
>>board, fine. But you should say so. I do not believe
>>you when you say that you want visitors to be able to
>>find answers from both points of view because your
>>actions betray you. The new administration has been
>>removing answers from one point of view nearly as fast
>>as they can be posted. You think Moderator 3 is doing
>>a fine job? Well, I guess that's one point of view.
>>-Steve (aka Sumac)
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