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>From: Fred Williams [mailto:fredw@usa.com]
>Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 9:48 PM
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>Subject: OCW funding
>Dear OCW Members,
>Recently James Bollinger stepped down as the administrator of the
>OCW message board. He did a wonderful job putting together the
>board and managing it for so long. He also funded the board out of
>his own pocket. He really deserves our praise and thanks for all
>his hard work.
>Now to the crux of the matter. James informed me that since he is
>no longer involved in the board, heíd rather not fund it, and I
>must say I donít blame him. He paid a year in advance ($120), plus
>may incur additional charges if the board surpasses the 2G
>bandwidth limit, which it is close to doing (doubling the
>bandwidth amounts to an additional $4 a month). He also has two
>years paid up for the creationweb registration fee.
>I told James that I would inform the members of OCW of this
>situation. In short, James believes he will need to shut down the
>board and the OCW website unless OCW members step forward to fund
>the board from this point on. If we decide not to do this, heíll
>then use the web space for personal use.
>This is an entirely reasonable request by James. I think we now
>need to exchange ideas on how best to move forward. I think this
>boils down to three possibilities:
>1)     Try to drum up contributions to take over the payments for
>the OCW registered address and payments for the board (about
>$200/year for 4G bandwidth + web registration fee)
>2)     Pay for the creationweb address only (I think its
>$35/year), and move the site to a memberís web space (the web site
>is very small, so this wonít cost anything for a member to take
>over). Since the web address wonít change, the move will be
>seamless to the world.
>3)     Do nothing, which means OCW, at least in its current form, goes away
>Hereís my two cents worth. While I would support whatever the
>consensus prefers, I personally have a hard time justifying in my
>mind funding the message board in its past and now current form,
>so I would lean towards #2. Please donít take this as an
>indictment of the past or present moderators, for which I was one
>(albeit briefly). The primary reason I feel this way is because
>certain forums in the board, particularly the creation/evolution
>forums, are extremely difficult to manage because of the severe
>trolling that goes on. Without a moderator who is willing to
>commit a good deal of personal time to moderate these forums, they
>can quickly get overrun by unsavory evolutionists whose motives
>are less than honorable (I think those here who have spent a
>decent amount of time on these boards knows what I am talking
>about). Since itís a Christian-sponsored board we canít take this
>problem lightly.
>I briefly tried moderating and found out how hard it is. I also
>quickly found that I would not have the time, nor desired to spend
>the time, to do it in a fashion I would be satisfied with.
>Fortunately a friend who happens to be a widely recognized
>creation scientist said he wouldnít mind moderating the board
>(Moderator 3 - he wishes to remain anonymous). Some here may
>disagree, but I think heís doing a very good job cleaning up the
>board. But without help, I fear he wonít last very long and get
>burned out on it. If this occurs and no one else is able to
>moderate, the board will likely deteriorate back to the
>environment that IMHO was not a good testimony for a
>christian-sponsored board.
>Now that weíve lost James, and if we lose Moderator 3, do we as a
>group have the personal commitment required to make a message
>board work? In brainstorming discussions with Moderator 3, we do
>believe there are steps that can be taken to ease the work of
>moderators, and in the end make it consistently an effective and
>productive ministry. But speaking for myself, I would not be able,
>and truthfully would not want to, devote much time to such a
>ministry. I currently have my hands full as the CRS webmaster,
>plus spend a good deal of time as VP of the Rocky Mountain
>Creation Fellowship (250 members strong, praise God!).
>To summarize, I have a hard time seeing the value of such a
>message board. Please know I totally respect those who disagree
>with me, and I realize I could be wrong, but this is how I
>truthfully feel about the situation. Unless we can somehow get a
>serious commitment from several individuals to moderate the board,
>I donít see much point in spending the $200/year to keep it going.
>I do think we should consider keeping the registered name
>(creationweb.org) and compensate James for it, then move the site
>to an OCW memberís web site.
>Please share with us what you think, and how we should proceed.
>In Christ,
>Fred Williams