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>From: Samuel Bollinger [mailto:sbollinger@worldnet.att.net]
>Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 9:16 AM
>To: Fred Williams
>Subject: Re: Another Moderator
>Hey Fred,
>I'm sort of swamped, too. Whatever you decide is fine.
>Try James at
>On 16 Jan 2002, at 8:58, Fred Williams wrote:
>Howdy Samuel,
>I became swamped at work yesterday, and will likely stay that way for a few
>more days. I asked a friend who wishes to remain anonymous to temporarily
>take over Moderator 3. I hope that is OK with you.
>Based on what James said, I think John Paul should be re-instated. I'll try
>to find time today to let JP know.
>PS. I tried to send James an email to his verseman address, but it was
>bounced back to me due to I think a server busy state. Does he have another
>email, or do you know if he is still logging on to the board so that I can
>PM him?