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>Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 9:55 PM
>To: sbollinger@worldnet.att.net
>Subject: RE: OCW board
>Howdy Samuel,
>Wow, that is a surprise. I hope it wasn't anything I did. I know
>at times I didn't make James' job easy by some of my exchanges
>with Huxter. I can now better appreciate the work it takes to
>moderate a board, especially when dealing with evolutionists whose
>only recourse, due to the lack of evidence for their position, is
>to regularly engage in diversionary tactics, hairsplitting,
>equivocation, personal attacks, etc.
>I did express to James that I felt drastic changes were needed, as
>the board had become "Huxter's Place". He ran off quite a few
>regular posters. I wonder how many visitors he chased off as well.
>I had in fact left the board myself several times, only to find
>myself drawn back in (usually due to boredom at work).
>I'll try to help out with Admin. I'm still hoping we can also find
>a second moderator for the forum I currently moderate, especially
>someone to monitor the weekends.
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>>From: Samuel Bollinger [mailto:sbollinger@worldnet.att.net]
>>Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 10:07 AM
>>To: Fred Williams
>>Subject: OCW board
>>Optional and I have had a disagreement over board direction. The
>>short of it is, he's resigned and handed it back over to me. He's
>>burned out and tired of it anyway. There is no animosity and he is
>>cooperating fully in changing the admin priveleges of the board
>>over. He has removed himself and skepticboy as admins.
>>I was supposed to leave for Syria this week, but it was nixed by the
>>State Dep't. Which is fine by me as it is a depressing place.
>>However, I will be going to Singapore next week for at least a week.
>>I will need someone else for admin priveleges and hope you will be
>>interested. I feel the board is taking the exact direction it should
>>since we are a yec/christian board.
>>Let me hear from you.