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Howdy James,

I have a proposal for the OCW board. I am willing to try moderating a specific category (forum), and keep it within strict guidelines. You could be a co-moderator, which may soothe evolutionists being leery of me getting away with anything. It will weed out the bad evolutionists, or at least force them to behave.

This board will not last unless some changes are made. Right now its become Huxter's board, and I see today he drove off the last remaining creationist. I considered just moving on, but I think this is exactly what Satan wants - crush every message board possible.

I'm willing to give the following a shot. The forum title is "Scientific Discussion of Origins". The "see rules" would be a hyper-link to a page of the rules that I listed below. Let me know what you think. Feel free to add or delete, or make suggestions. I just recently brainstormed this so I'm sure if we decide to try it there may need to be some fine-tuning.

In His Service,

Scientific Discussion of Origins
Strictly Moderated  by Fred Williams, Optional
See rules


Rules of the 'Scientific Discussion of Origins' forum

The primary purpose of this forum is to harbor scientific dialog that is rich in substance and void of the "noise" that is common on non or lightly-moderated discussion boards. Here are some of the rules that will be strictly adhered to:

1) Thread subject headers must be scientific in nature, specific, and mature.
    Good examples: "Epistasis"; "Black Holes"
    Bad Examples: "YOOOOHOOOOO! Creationists!"; "Evo-babbler Bonehead Post of the Month"

2) Post content must also be scientific in nature, specific, and mature.

3) “Gish-bashing" will not be allowed. In other words, discussions about someone's credentials or character will be removed unless the context of the exchange necessitates a clear and obvious need to point out a problem with a source of the information. In this case one response may be permitted, but further exchanges will be removed.
4) Citations from scientific journals must relate to the topic being discussed.

5) Clear cases of misrepresentation and quoting out of context will be removed. Also, unsubstantiated claims of what some person said or wrote (hearsay) will be removed. For example, an OCW regular has claimed on several occasions that noted creationist Dr Kurt Wise believes there is more evidence for evolution than creation. Such baseless claims without substantiation will not be allowed.

6) Pointless chatter will be removed. Some leeway may be allowed for occasional friendly banter.

7) Complaints that an opponent is not responding to a post will be removed.

8) If a thread is in obvious deadlock, the participants will be warned that the thread will be locked unless clear progress is made.

9) In general, the moderator will not be a line-item moderator. If a post violates any of the above guidelines, it will be removed.

Note from the Moderator: I am a young earth creationist, and very much aware that I have a human bias regarding this debate. I will do my best to be even-handed, but I need to be up front and say that I truly believe that by a wide margin, the greatest percentage of trolls are evolutionists; seldom have I encountered creationists who need to be “moderated”. That being said, on this particular board there are many evolutionists who have shown that they would seldom if ever need to have one of their posts removed. The rules above should be easy to adhere to for most individuals sincere in engaging in reasonable debate.